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Book Description: The West Frisian unit aims to provide basic information about the language and to contextualise Frisian within the social setting, paying special attention to education. Education professionals, and pupils alike (12–16 years old), can find relevant information to dive deeper into minority language maintenance and deepen their understanding of multilingual societies. You can compare the situation between different languages and countries: discover Latgalian in Latvia, Mirandese in Portugal, and South Saami in Norway (links in the book description at the bottom).

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This unit is dedicated to the West Frisian language, a minority language of the Netherlands, and provides an overview of the language’s social context with special attention paid to education. It is aimed at anyone who is interested in minority languages, especially educators.

The unit has four chapters that follow the same structure as the other OWL+ units, which allows you to compare the social contexts and educational provisions.

Each chapter includes an outline of what to expect and you can find emphasised key takeaways as means to reflect on the given information. You will find interactive activities and quizzes as a way of testing or reflecting on the facts and situations presented throughout the unit. We recommend that you follow the unit chapter by chapter, but you’re welcome to explore it freely using the navigation panel.

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West Frisian