Ownership and Leadership: Pathway for (Endangered) Languages’ Use in School


What is OWL+?

OWL+ is an ongoing 3–year Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Partnerships for Cooperation project that creates pathways for educators to integrate under-resourced endangered languages into their teaching activities.

We are a group of five organisations in five different countries that works together on pathways for under-resourced languages’ use in educational settings. The expertises of our consortium members include issues on Latgalian (LV), Mirandese (PT), South Saami (NO), and West Frisian (NL). One of our core visions is to produce products that are not only created for under-resourced language communities but to create them with input from the communities, specifically educators and community leaders (such as councils and local initiatives).

What do we create?

We want to create three tools (project results). The tools aim to raise educators’ awareness of under-resourced languages, provide them with adequate information about such languages, and encourage their integration into different learning contexts. An important aspect of OWL+ is to equip educators with skills to take ownership of their cultural heritage, and inspire them to find approaches to integrate their local endangered language(s) into teaching activities.

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