Ownership and Leadership: Pathway for (Endangered) Languages’ Use in School

Associated partners

Meet our associated partners!

Our associated partners are organisations from different countries that are committed to the maintenance and promotion of under-resourced languages. Their experience and expertise provide us with valuable input that helps us to develop tools and resources that truly target educators’ needs.

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Partners from Estonia


MTÜ Rannakeele Keskus

MTÜ Rannakeele Keskus is a non-profit organisation contributing to the preservation and development of the coastal language and culture of Northern Estonia. Rannakeele Keskus contributes actively to different study programs (schools, learning resources & dictionaries) as well as promoting local customs and traditions through different activities (seminars, conferences).



Riina Laanetu

Member of the Board of the MTÜ Rannakeele Keskus






Partners from Fryslân


Afûk is the organisation in Fryslân that promotes the Frisian language and culture and their widespread activities include developing Frisian teaching materials for primary and secondary schools.


Mirjam Vellinga

Language promotion and international projects






Cedin is an educational consultancy and focuses on improving the quality of education. Their work includes for example guiding schools, offering courses, and in-service training on multilingual education.




The research group Multilingualism and Literacy of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences collects and  researches knowledge and experiences of professionals and students in the field of multilingualism and written language. The main goal of the research group is to optimise the language development of pupils and students.


Joana Duarte
professor for multilingualism and literacy  at the NHL Stenden University

diversity and equity • multilingualism didactics • teacher professionalization for multilingualism in education