Ownership and Leadership: Pathway for (Endangered) Languages’ Use in School


OWL+ tools will aid educators to innovate school curricula and offer materials that enable them to accommodate endangered languages in their classrooms and other learning settings. The tools will contextualise endangered languages within the greater picture of language diversity in Europe and their development will be supported by different language communities to ensure transferability to different language contexts. The tools and resources will equip educators with skills to take ownership and leadership of their cultural heritage. These skills help to identify and explore opportunities that support and strengthen their language community. Endangered languages are a vital social factor for their communities, therefore the project targets next to educators and school staff, also community leaders (such as councils, local initiatives) which are an integral part of endangered languages’ support structure.

Our first project result will be an e-learning platform that will run on desktops, tablet computers and mobile phones. It will host a learning module (project result 2) and a practical guide (project result 3). The module focuses on educators’ professionalisation and to raise their awareness of under-resourced languages in the context of multilingual Europe. The units of the module will present educators with interesting facts and expand their knowledge by showcasing different ways of integrating under-resourced language through examples from different language communities.

The documentation-based practical guide (project result 3) is a guide and reference tool for under-resourced languages, and aims to encourage creativity and innovation in the teaching of under-resourced languages in any given language context. The practical guide will contain a number of activities, some of those are showcased in module, with guidelines how to recreate and adapt the activities. It is therefore not focused on particular language groups but can be used by every educator. It will also comprise information on external resources that can be used to integrate under-resourced languages into teaching activities.


We will continue to update this page as we are developing the tools. Stay tuned!