Book Title: Ownership and Leadership

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Book Description: Four initiatives that promote language use and community engagement – in Latgale, Miranda, Norway and Fryslân – are introduced in the ownership and leadership unit. Four slide shows describe different stages of each project: One stage illustrates why the initiatives came to be and what the driving force was for the initiators (slide show a sense of responsibility). Another stage zooms into the reasoning behind the initiatives, and tells us what they offer and why (understanding and tackling the needs of the speaker community). How the organisation or project leaders seize the opportunity to carry out their work is explained in the slide show leadership – agency in the revitalisation process. And finally, every initiative – in their own way – aims to have a positive impact on the language community and tries to do so through different means. You can find out about this aspect of ownership and leadership in the slide show empowering the community to take action.

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Ownership and Leadership