Ownership and Leadership: Pathway for (Endangered) Languages’ Use in School

OWL+ module: a comparison between four minority languages

Comprehensive report about the OWL+ module

The OWL+ module is online and packed with relevant information for all language enthusiasts and education professionals who want to dive deep into the topic of minority language maintenance.

Furthermore, the module provides insights into the broader contexts of minority languages in Europe as well as showing examples of good practices also for persons working with other minority languages. In this way, the module tries to show users of non-majority languages from different regions of Europe that there are many people working in similar situations.

We prepared a comprehensive report based on the OWL+ module. The description and comparison of the four languages that are covered in the units (Latgalian, Mirandese, South Saami, and West Frisian) aim to help us understand each of the four minority languages better by looking at their unique qualities and the difficulties they face.



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