Ownership and Leadership: Pathway for (Endangered) Languages’ Use in School

Participate in our OWL+ survey!

Do you teach Frisian, Latgalian, Mirandese, South Saami or another endangered language? Then please take a few minutes to participate in our OWL+ survey!

We want to create a module on an e-learning platform providing information on different minority languages and showing best practices for teaching a minority language, with examples from different language backgrounds, resources and materials. This way, we want to be a source of inspiration and facilitate the exchange of experiences among minority language teachers.

To this end we would love to here your ideas and wishes for such a module and platform!


If you teach in a Frisian [NLD/FRY], Latgalian [LTG], Mirandese [POR], or South Saami [NOR] environment, we have prepared versions of the survey tailored to your contexts!


If you teach another endangered language, please take this survey [English or Estonian].