Ownership and Leadership: Pathway for (Endangered) Languages’ Use in School

15/09/2022 OWL+ at Conference on Frisian Humanities (NL)

From 14.-16. September 2022, the 2nd Conference on Frisian Humanities will take place in Ljouwert (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands). The conference’ focus is on the resilience of Frisian language and culture, and explores the question ‘What challenges do minority languages face nowadays, and how can these challenges be met?’.

In the afternoon on 15. September our project partners from Mercator/Fryske Akademy will present the OWL+ project, explain our aims and what we plan to develop.

Interested in the Conference on Frisian Humanities and learning more about OWL+? Sign-up via the conference website https://frisianhumanities.frl/en/!